Malt Extract Light - Elevate Your Brewing with Refreshing Flavours (1.5 kg | 3.3 lb)

Malt Extract Light - Elevate Your Brewing with Refreshing Flavours (1.5 kg | 3.3 lb)

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Transform Every Sip with our Refreshing Malt Essence! 

Unveil the secret to the perfectly balanced brew with our Light Malt Extract. Designed specifically for the homebrew, craft-making, and beermaking aficionados, this extract is the quintessential ingredient to craft light-session beers and distinctive pale ales. With this malt extract as your brewing foundation, the gates to crafty creativity swing wide open. Whether adhering to tried-and-tested recipes or launching into uncharted brewing territories, this extract complements all-grain and other extract combinations with promising volume, enhanced body, and an unmatched malt undertone. Its innate ability to blend harmoniously with citrus and fruity notes resonates with the spirit of modern craft brewing.

Key Features:

  • Balanced Brew Base: Ideal for crafting light-session beers and pale ales with a fine malty sweetness and bitterness equilibrium.
  • Adaptable Brewing Ally: Compatible with all-grain and extract recipes, serving both seasoned brewers and novices alike.
  • Volume & Body Booster: Amplifies your beer's body and volume, ensuring a richer, fuller sip every time.
  • Crafting Freedom: Empower your brewing imagination, sculpting unique beers tailored to individual preferences.
  • Pioneering Craft Trends: Seamlessly infuse the latest brewing techniques and trends, marking your brews as exceptional.


Q: How versatile is the Light Malt Extract in brewing methods? A: Our malt extract is a chameleon, apt for all-grain and extract brewing techniques, catering to varied brewing practices.

Q: Which flavour notes best complement this malt extract? A: This malt extract sings in harmony with citrus and fruit undertones, offering an enriched taste profile and setting your beers a class apart.

Q: How can I ensure a fuller beer body using this extract? A: Integrating our malt extract into your brew recipes boosts volume and significantly enhances the beer's body and mouthfeel, guaranteeing a more satiating drink.

Q: Is this malt extract a good fit for experimental brewing? A: Absolutely! Our malt extract is a canvas for your brewing artistry, allowing endless flavour explorations and brew customizations.

Elevate your brewing narrative with our Light Malt Extract. Dive deep into beermaking, crafting light session beers and pale ales that resonate with character. By integrating our malt extract, your beers gain volume and body and radiate a nuanced flavour profile, captivating every palate. Navigate the evolving craft brewing landscape confidently, championing brews that make a statement with our Light Malt Extract.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.