Malt Extract Light (1.5 kg | 3.3 Lb)

Malt Extract Light (1.5 kg | 3.3 Lb)

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Elevate Every Sip, Craft Every Drop!

Embark on a brewing adventure with our Light Malt Extract, tailored for the passionate homebrew, craft-making, and beermaking communities. Produced by Muntons, renowned for its legacy in quality brew products, this malt extract promises to be the ideal foundation for your pale ales and lagers. Whether you're looking to create a pristine wort or want to fuse it with all-grain concoctions, this extract ensures a distinctive beer creation every time. Quietly nodding to its UK packaging, this Light Malt Extract is your trusted ally for an unparalleled brewing journey. 

Key Features:

  • Brewing Purity: Specifically designed for creating crisp pale ales and refreshing lagers.
  • Muntons Quality: A product birthed from Muntons' legacy of unmatched brewing excellence.
  • Flexibility in Crafting: Ideal for crafting pure wort or integrating with all-grain mixtures.
  • Consistent Weight: Offering 1.5 kg (52 0.87 oz), ensuring a stable brewing base every time.
  • Uncompromised Integrity: Authentically packaged in the UK, maintaining global standards.


Q: What type of beers can I craft with this Light Malt Extract? A: Designed for versatility, it's perfect for creating both pale ales and lagers, offering a broad spectrum of brewing possibilities.

Q: Who produces this malt extract? A: This premium Light Malt Extract is produced by Muntons, a brand synonymous with brewing excellence.

Q: Can this extract be blended with all-grain brews? A: Absolutely! It's ideal for creating a flawless wort and can be seamlessly blended with all-grain brews for a distinctive beer taste.

Q: How much does the Light Malt Extract weigh? A: The extract weighs in at a consistent 1.5 kg (52 0.87 oz), ensuring you have a substantial amount for your brewing needs.

Q: Is this product from the UK? A: Yes, while inspired by various regions, it's packaged in the UK, ensuring quality and integrity.

Brewing is an art, and with Muntons' Light Malt Extract, you have the perfect canvas to start with. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned brewer, let this malt extract be the secret ingredient that elevates your beer to the next level. And remember, while equipment and supplies are separate, the right malt extract can make all the difference. Craft with passion, sip with pride!

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.