Mango Tango White Fruit Winemaking Kit (6.3 L | 1.66 gal)

Mango Tango White Fruit Winemaking Kit (6.3 L | 1.66 gal)

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Mango Tango White Fruit Winemaking Kit: A Tropical Delight in Every Sip

Craft Your Exotic Mango Wine with Ease

Mango Tango White Fruit Winemaking Kit – your gateway to creating a tropical paradise in a glass. This kit is perfect for those who love the exotic taste of mangoes and enjoy a wine that's not overly sweet but wonderfully smooth. Whether you're a seasoned winemaker or just starting, this kit makes the process enjoyable and rewarding.

Key Features:

  • Exotic Mango Flavor: Experience the delightful essence of mangoes with every sip.
  • Balanced Sweetness: Perfectly crafted to ensure the wine is smooth without being too sweet.
  • Light and Refreshing: Ideal for those who prefer a wine with a delicate fruit taste.
  • Complete Winemaking Package: Includes everything needed to start your winemaking journey.
  • Quick and Easy Process: Ready to enjoy in just four weeks, perfect for eager enthusiasts.

Tasting Notes:

  • Sweetness: Just the right touch of sweetness, highlighting the mango flavor.
  • Acidity: Mild acidity, adding a refreshing twist to the wine.
  • Body: Light and delicate, offering a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience.


Q: What does the Mango Tango Winemaking Kit include? A: It contains a wine base, yeast, bentonite, sulfite/sorbate, fining agents, and a special beverage infusion flavor pack.

Q: How long does it take to make the wine? A: The winemaking process takes about four weeks, making it a quick and satisfying project.

Q: Is this kit suitable for beginners? A: Absolutely, it's designed for simplicity and ease of use for all levels of winemakers.

Q: What is the final alcohol content? A: The finished wine will have an alcohol content of around 7% ABV.

Q: How much wine does this kit produce? A: The kit yields approximately 23 liters (6.07 gallons) of delightful mango wine.

Q: Do I need additional equipment? A: Basic winemaking equipment is required and is available separately.

Embark on a winemaking adventure with our Mango Tango White Fruit Winemaking Kit and enjoy the tropical flavors of mango in your homemade wine. Note: Additional winemaking equipment and supplies must be purchased separately.