Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit - The Perfect Refreshing Brew for Warm Climates (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit - The Perfect Refreshing Brew for Warm Climates (1.8 kg | 3.9 Lb)

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Sip. Refresh. Revel.

Elevate your brewing game with the Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit. Expertly crafted, it beckons the beer enthusiast with a promise of a light, crisp, and unparalleled pilsner experience. Prepared for those sun-soaked days, it's the quintessential answer to thirst in warmer climates.  

Key Features:

  • Crystal Clear Refreshment: Dive into the crisp, clean flavours that make this light pilsner a summer favourite.
  • Golden Visual Delight: A soft pale yellow hue as inviting as a summer's day.
  • Balanced to Perfection: A harmonious blend of low hop and malt lets the pilsner’s refreshing essence stand out.
  • Spot-On Alcohol Content at 4.6%: Just the right kick for an enjoyable sip every time.
  • Precision Gravity (OG) 1040° to 1044°: Ensures every glass is a balanced blend of flavours.
  • Best When Cold: Unfold its true essence with a chilled serve.
  • Ready Supply with 6 Cans: Perfect for gatherings or those weekend unwind sessions.

Experience the Pilsner Promise: Unveiling the crisp, invigorating charm of the Connoisseurs Range Pilsner, it's more than just a beer; it’s an experience. Whether new to the brewing scene or a seasoned aficionado, this kit is your gateway to a superior brew that speaks of European craftsmanship and timeless traditions.


Q: How does the brewing cycle for the Connoisseurs Range Pilsner pan out? A: On average, expect a 2 to 3-week timeline encompassing fermentation, conditioning, and carbonation. However, the exact duration can deviate based on your environment and individual preferences.

Q: Fancy tweaking the hop or malt essence in the Pilsner Kit? A: The Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit lays a balanced foundation. But for those with a taste for adventure, there's always room to play with hops or malts. Just ensure you're maintaining hygiene and adjusting your recipe accordingly.

Q: New to brewing? Is this kit for you? A: Absolutely! The Connoisseurs Range Pilsner Kit embraces brewers across the spectrum. Detailed instructions accompany to guide your path, ensuring each brew is one to remember.

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packed discreetly in the UK.