Air Lock 2 Chamber 200 per Case - Monitor CO2 Levels, Enhance Your Fermentation Made in Canada

Air Lock 2 Chamber 200 per Case - Monitor CO2 Levels, Enhance Your Fermentation Made in Canada

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200-Pack Air Lock 2 Chamber: Precision Fermentation Monitoring Made in Canada

Elevate Your Brewing with the Air Lock 2 Chamber - 200 Units for Comprehensive Fermentation Control 

Enhance your homebrewing and winemaking process with our bulk case of 200 Air Lock 2 Chamber tools. Each airlock in this comprehensive set is expertly crafted in Canada to provide precise monitoring of your fermentation process. The innovative two-chamber design allows for accurate observation of CO2 levels, clearly indicating the fermentation rate. Install the airlock into a drilled stopper on your fermenter, creating a secure, closed environment. This setup is crucial for allowing CO2 to escape while preventing oxygen intrusion, essential for maintaining the quality and flavor of your beer or wine.

Key Features:

  • Bulk Case of 200: Ample supply for monitoring multiple fermentation processes simultaneously.
  • Two-Chamber Design: Enables precise tracking of CO2 levels during fermentation.
  • Efficient Fermentation Assessment: Quickly gauge the progress of each batch.
  • Secure Environment: Maintains a closed system to prevent oxygen contamination.
  • User-Friendly Cleaning: Designed for easy maintenance and repeated use.
  • Compatibility: Perfectly fits drilled stoppers for a reliable setup.
  • Versatile Brewing Tool: Ideal for both beer and wine fermentation enthusiasts.


Q: Can the Air Lock 2 Chamber be used with large fermenters? A: These airlocks are versatile and compatible with various fermenter sizes.

Q: How often should I monitor the CO2 levels during fermentation? A: For best results, we recommend daily checks to track the fermentation progress closely.

Q: Is cleaning the Air Lock 2 Chamber complicated? A: No, these airlocks are designed for hassle-free cleaning, ensuring easy maintenance and reuse.

Q: Are these airlocks suitable for both beer and wine fermentation? A: Absolutely; the Air Lock 2 Chamber is adaptable for beer and wine fermentation, adding versatility to your brewing toolkit. 

With this case of 200 Air Lock 2 Chamber tools, you're equipped to handle multiple batches with ease, ensuring each brew is fermented to perfection. This essential tool is a game-changer for severe brewers and vintners, offering a clear view of the fermentation process and maintaining the highest quality standards for your beer or wine.