Premium Range Pilsner | Refreshing and Delicate Craft Beer (1.5 kg | 3.3 Lb)

Premium Range Pilsner | Refreshing and Delicate Craft Beer (1.5 kg | 3.3 Lb)

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Sip. Savor. Repeat. 

Dive into a liquid symphony with our Premium Range Pilsner. This meticulously crafted beer encapsulates the pure sensation of refreshment, delivering a delicate taste experience that beckons another pour. With a full-bodied 1.5 kilograms, the brewing journey beckons, promising a finale that echoes with crisp satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Quenching Delight: Relish in the invigorating and delicate embrace of our Premium Range Pilsner, a beacon of lightness and subtlety in every sip.
  • Ingredient Pinnacle: Unwavering in our dedication to quality, only prime ingredients cut – from distinguished malts to superior hops, sculpting this beer's impeccable taste.
  • Precision Brewing: An OG between 1036° to 1040° attests to the rigorous accuracy in our brewing, presenting a beer that stands tall in crispness and equilibrium.
  • Homebrewer's Canvas: Embark on a brewer's journey, be you a seasoned pro or a newbie. This kit is the portal to honing your craft and mirroring your zeal for exemplary beer.
  • Gastronomic Companion: A versatile brew, our Pilsner adorns your dining experiences, amplifying the allure of salads, seafood, grilled delights, and appetizing starters.


Q: What's the brewing duration for the Premium Range Pilsner? A: Typically, the brewing odyssey for our Pilsner spans 2 to 3 weeks, encapsulating fermentation and conditioning. However, specifics might differ based on ambient conditions and depth of flavour exploration.

Q: Keen on personalizing the Premium Range Pilsner's taste? A: Indeed! While our Pilsner radiates a pristine and delicate profile, creativity beckons. Modulate brewing nuances or infuse extra hops, shaping the beer's essence to resonate with your flavour inclinations.

Q: What's the optimal temperature to unveil the Premium Range Pilsner's spirit? A: For an unadulterated immersion into its rejuvenating essence, serve our Pilsner chilled, ideally between 4 to 6°C (39 to 43°F). This ensures a crisply refreshing sip each time.

Indulge in a brew that celebrates European brewing prowess, wrapped in the promise of unparalleled refreshment. Cheers to moments that linger!

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.