Rubber Stopper #13 Drilled 3 per Pack (2-11/16 x 2-9/32 x 1 in | 67 x 58 x 25 mm)

Rubber Stopper #13 Drilled 3 per Pack (2-11/16 x 2-9/32 x 1 in | 67 x 58 x 25 mm)

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Rubber Stopper #13 Drilled: Expert-Level Sealing with Integrated Tubing

Advanced Sealing for Complex and High-Demand Environments 

The Rubber Stopper #13 Drilled is meticulously designed and produced in the USA from the finest rubber materials to provide unparalleled sealing capabilities. Ideal for settings that require both a tight, leak-proof seal and the incorporation of tubing, this stopper is a must-have for high-end laboratories, extensive brewing systems, and any industrial application where precision is key.

Featuring substantial dimensions of 2-11/16 x 2-9/32 x 1 inches (67 x 58 x 25 mm), the Rubber Stopper #13 Drilled is engineered to fit a wide range of large containers and apparatus. The included drilled hole perfectly accommodates standard laboratory tubing, enhancing its functionality and making it ideal for various sophisticated setups.

Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from high-grade rubber to ensure durability and flexibility.
  • Size: It measures 2-11/16 x 2-9/32 x 1 inch (67 x 58 x 25 mm) and is suitable for very large containers.
  • Drilled Design: Equipped with a precisely drilled hole for seamless tubing integration.
  • USA Made: Proudly manufactured with top-tier American craftsmanship.
  • Versatile Application: This product is perfect for advanced laboratory research, large-scale brewing, or any industrial use requiring a drilled stopper.
  • Effective Sealing: Delivers a robust, leak-proof barrier while facilitating tubing connections.
  • Reusable: Designed to withstand multiple uses without compromising quality.
  • Flexible Compatibility: Fits a diverse array of large bottle and flask sizes.
  • Quality Assurance: Stringently tested in the USA to ensure optimal performance and reliability.


Q: What diameter tubing can be used with this stopper? A: This stopper is designed to fit standard laboratory tubing, accommodating most tubing sizes used in professional environments.

Q: Is this stopper autoclavable? A: It is suitable for autoclaving, making it ideal for sterile applications requiring frequent sterilization.

Q: Can this stopper handle high-pressure situations? A: While it offers excellent sealing properties, it is advisable to check compatibility with your application's specific pressures to ensure safety and functionality.

Q: Is the rubber material of this stopper food-safe? A: The high-quality rubber is generally safe for contact with food and beverages, provided it meets all relevant health and safety standards.

Employ the Rubber Stopper #13 Drilled for your most challenging projects where exceptional sealing and tubing integration are essential. This stopper is crucial for flawless operations in any complex and demanding laboratory or industrial setting.