Taste of Portugal | Black Olives (6 X GR500) (4370580373644)

Premium Black Olives - Vacuum Packed, 6 x 500g | 17.63oz (6-Pack) - Sweet and Savory Flavor - Product of Portugal

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Savor the Sweetness: Gourmet Black Olives - Your Culinary Companion!

Tagline: Elevate Your Meals with a Touch of Mediterranean Magic!

Introducing our gourmet Black Olives – the perfect blend of sweetness with a hint of saltiness and bitterness reminiscent of the warm Mediterranean sun. Ideal for campers and outdoor enthusiasts, these olives are vacuum sealed for freshness, ensuring the finest quality in every bite. Whether dressing up a dish or snacking straight from the pack, our black olives promise a delightful and nutritious addition to your culinary adventures. 

Key Features:

  • Rich Flavor: Savor the sweet yet slightly salty and bitter taste that only fully ripened black olives can offer.
  • Vacuum Sealed: Freshness is locked in, preserving the olives' premium quality and flavor for whenever you're ready to enjoy them.
  • Versatile Ingredient: An exquisite addition to pizzas, salads, or as a standalone snack – perfect for enhancing any dish.
  • Adventure-Ready: Packaged in 500g (17 oz) cases, these olives are an ideal companion for camping trips and outdoor activities.
  • Nutritious Choice: A healthy snack that fits seamlessly into any diet, adding flavor and nutrition to your meals. 


Q: What distinguishes black olives from green olives in terms of flavor? A: Black olives are known for their sweet profile, complemented by salty and bitter notes, resulting from being harvested fully ripe, unlike the sharper taste of unripe green olives.

Q: How can black olives enhance my dishes? A: Their unique flavor and texture make black olives a fantastic addition to various recipes, adding depth to salads, pizzas, and pasta.

Q: Are these black olives ready to eat? A: Yes, they are vacuum sealed for freshness and are ready to be enjoyed right out of the pack or used in your favorite recipes.

Q: What is the shelf life of these vacuum-sealed black olives? A: The vacuum sealing process helps extend the shelf life while maintaining the olives' authentic taste and nutritional value.

Q: Can I take these black olives on outdoor adventures? A: Absolutely! Their packaging makes them a convenient and mess-free option for camping and hiking.

Q: Are there any seeds in these black olives? A: Yes, each olive contains a small seed, which adds to the authentic texture and experience of enjoying Mediterranean black olives.