Turbo Yeast X-Press 20% Alcohol Yeast Pack of 2 (135 g | 4.8 oz.)

Turbo Yeast X-Press 20% Alcohol Yeast Pack of 2 (135 g | 4.8 oz.)

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Turbo Yeast X-Press 20% Alcohol Yeast: The Homebrewer's Dream for High-Strength Spirits

Unleash the Power of Rapid Fermentation with Turbo Yeast X-Press

Elevate your homebrewing to professional levels with Turbo Yeast X-Press 20% Alcohol Yeast. This 135-gram (4.8 oz) package is designed for enthusiasts in craft-making and DIY spirits, enabling you to produce a remarkable 20% alcohol base across 25 liters (6.5 U.S. gallons) in just five days. It's ideal for those seeking efficiency and high performance in their home distilling endeavors.

This turbo yeast stands out with its ability to undergo rapid fermentation, coupled with stackability for larger batch processing. Infused with a sophisticated blend of specialized distiller’s yeast, nutrients, and vitamins, it's engineered to maximize alcohol yield and quality. The product has detailed instructions to guide you through each process step, ensuring optimal results every time.

Key Features:

  • High Alcohol Content: Capable of producing a 20% alcohol base.
  • Speedy Fermentation: Complete the fermentation process within five days.
  • Large Batch Capability: Stackable for simultaneous fermentation of multiple packs.
  • Nutrient-Rich Composition: Enriched with specialized distiller’s yeast, nutrients, and vitamins.
  • User-Friendly Guidelines: Detailed instructions are included for ease of use.


Q: How quickly does fermentation occur with this yeast? A: Under optimal conditions, Turbo Yeast X-Press achieves fermentation in a mere five days.

Q: What’s the maximum alcohol strength achievable? A: This turbo yeast can produce an alcohol base of up to 20% ABV.

Q: What volume of alcohol can one pack yield? A: One pack produces up to 25 liters (6.5 U.S. gallons) of alcohol base.

Q: Is this product suitable for large-scale brewing? A: Yes, its stackable design facilitates large-scale, uniform fermentations.

Q: What nutrients are included in this yeast? A: It contains essential nutrients and vitamins tailored for high alcohol yield.

Enhance Your Home Distilling Process: Turbo Yeast X-Press 20% Alcohol Yeast is the ultimate choice for those aiming to produce high-strength spirits at home. Whether you’re a seasoned homebrewer or a budding enthusiast, this product promises efficiency, quality, and high yields, taking your home distilling projects to the next level.