Malt Extract Vienna Elevate Your Brewing Experience (1.5 kg | 3.3 lb)

Malt Extract Vienna Elevate Your Brewing Experience (1.5 kg | 3.3 lb)

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Elevate Every Sip. 

Our Vienna Malt Extract is the secret to that perfect pint for the passionate homebrewer. Whether diving into the brewing world or refining your skills, this extract sets the stage for a drink tailored to your tastes. Go beyond the ordinary with our premium blend that offers versatility and flavour, letting you craft brews that stand out.

Key Features:

  • European Brew Mastery: Ideal for European-inspired brews, our Vienna Malt Extract is your foundation for beers like Vienna lagers and light bocks.
  • Harmonious Malt Profile: Enhance volume, body, and mouthfeel without compromising that perfect malt balance. Ideal for beers with a hint of citrus or fruit.
  • Seamless Brewing: Integrate our malt extract effortlessly with an all-grain brew or as a base for your wort, and discover the breadth of your brewing creativity.
  • Consistent Premium Quality: Every pack promises quality, delivering the nuanced flavours that brewers seek.
  • A Personal Touch: Harness the extract’s versatility to craft brews that resonate with your taste, adding that personal signature to European-style beers.


Q: Is Vienna Malt Extract compatible with both all-grain and extract recipes? A: Certainly! It's crafted to amplify the flavours in all-grain and extract brews, enhancing your beer's profile. 

Q: What beer styles are best suited for Vienna Malt Extract? A: It's your go-to for European-inspired beers, especially Vienna lagers and light bocks. Dive in and let your brewer's imagination run wild.

Q: How does the malt extract influence my beer's flavour? A: Our extract elevates volume, body, and mouthfeel, ensuring a balanced malt character. It's incredibly harmonious with citrus or fruit accents, paving the way for inventive brews.

Q: Can I put my spin on beer recipes using this extract? A: Absolutely! With our Vienna Malt Extract, the sky's the limit. Craft brews that carry your unique flavour stamp, deepening their character and depth.

Unlock unparalleled brewing possibilities with Vienna Malt Extract. Dive into crafting European-inspired beers that boast richness, balance, and a flavour that satisfies and inspires. Cheers to your next great brew!

Note: Equipment and supplies are sold separately, packaged in the UK.